🎉 Named in-best AI companies:365 was selected by Vercel.

Published on 8/18/2023 by Jim Bisenius, Co-founder & CEO

We're presenting at Vercel's 2023 AI Accelerator Demo day

Howdy everyone,

I am excited to announce that we've recently been accepted to Vercel's 2023 AI Accelerator, and will be presenting among their 28 finalists. With over 1500 applications and a sub 3% acceptance rate, we're proud to be named among the top companies building with AI on Vercel.

Over the past six weeks during their accelerator, we've transformed our AI from requiring a text description of your meal and providing only a calorie count and protein estimate, to being able to submit a single photo and receive a detailed estimate of your meal's macros, calorie count, alongside describing what it's found in your meal, so you can ensure everything is logged properly.

We're proud of what we're building - and we can't wait to get our newest AI Nutritionist in your hands soon.

Thanks for your support ❤️

Best regards, Jim Bisenius Founder & CEO, threesixfive (365.)

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